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Zoobies Critters Up Close
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Critters Up Close board books share wild learning fun with awesome photos, adorable drawings and fascinating animal facts + giggles, hugs, oohs, aahs - and Critters board books double as counting books! Together with Zoobies, learn about new animals every month of the year!


Zootles Story Time
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Zootles Story Time book with 3 day-in-the-life animal stories and 6 Fun Pages of games, puzzles and activities in each volume + a Zootles you won’t see in your current or renewal subscription! Together with Zootles, learn about new animals every month of the year!

Zoobooks Adventures

Free Zookeeper
& Whale Poster!

A double-dose of Zoobooks to build your 58-volume library FAST! You won’t see these Zoobooks in your current or renewal subscription. Together with your Zoobooks subscription, it’s animals, animals and more animals every month of the year!

Club Features

  • 2 new books about every 8 weeks (delivered in months between subscription editions of Zoobies & Zootles, so with your subscription you get books every month of the year!)
  • Award-winning illustrations, diagrams, photographs and wildlife writing.
  • Easy to switch levels as your child grows.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee: cancel any time.

Free Bonus Gift


Carries Wild Learning Fun! Zoobies Critters Up Close

Tames Up to 35 Books for Your Child’s Library! Zootles Story Time & Zoobooks Adventures

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