Note: Instructions below assume iPads are operating on the most updated operating system: OS 6 or above.

Q: How do I get Zoobooks or Zootles on my device?

A: For digital access on computer, iPad and (through web browsers) Kindle Fire and Nook, you can purchase a print subscription that includes digital access or buy a digital-only subscription directly from the App Store for iPad. You can also purchase single digital editions in the iBook and Kindle bookstores.

Zoobies will be available in digital editions later in 2013.

If you prefer a robust e-book experience, single digital editions of Zootles and Zoobooks can be purchased for the iPad through the iBook store and for the Kindle Fire in the Kindle bookstore at Zootles iBook for the iPad includes a read aloud function that highlights each word in the text as it is spoken. This is a wonderful feature for emerging readers. It helps young minds associate words with text, an important part of learning to read.

Q: How can I use my current print subscription to get access on my iPad?

A: Go to the Apple iPad App Store and search for Zoobooks. Once you’ve downloaded the app from the App Store, tap the red “TAP HERE!” button in the Welcome banner at the top of the page.
If you’ve already registered for your digital subscription, tap the “Yes” button. On the next screen enter the email and password that you registered to gain access to the latest digital edition. If you’ve forgotten your password, either go to customer service at or go back and hit the “no” button and re-register.
If you haven’t registered for a digital subscription, tap the “No” button and register. You will gain access to the digital edition at the end of the registration process.

Q: When do new digital editions come out?

A: Digital editions are available approximately two weeks before the printed edition arrives through the mail. We will send an email announcing when the new digital edition is available to all subscribers. Zoobooks is published 10 times a year, monthly except for May/June and July/August editions. Zootles is published 6 times a year, every other month starting with the Jan/Feb edition.

Q: Can I get back editions on my device?

A: All digital editions starting with October 2012 are available for purchase in the iBook and Amazon bookstores. Digital subscriptions offer access to the two most recent editions at any given time on the iNewsstand.

Q: Are digital editions available on iPhones?

A: Currently digital editions are NOT available on iPhones. However, the ZooWho App is available for iPhones and provides hours of wild learning fun for kids. It’s free. Just search Zoobooks on your phone’s App Store.

Q: Can I use my current print subscription to access digital editions on my Kindle Fire and Nook?

A: Yes, you can access digital Zoobooks and Zootles on Kindle Fire and the Nook through your web browser. On your Kindle Fire or Nook go to your web browser and go to the web page: Register as a digital subscriber and then enjoy your digital editions. Single digital editions are available for purchase in the Kindle Store.

Q: Do you have an edition for my Android smartphone?

A: No, not at this time.


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