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"In this world of video games and television, it's nice to watch my child want to read [Zoobooks]. The photography is absolutely terrific."

--- Marjorie, Tennessee

"We subscribed to Zoobooks for our son as a gift for his birthday last year. He reads every issue cover to cover, again and again, and is proud of his collection." --- Richard, Colorado:

Zootles is by far the best children's magazine I've come across. The pictures are phenomenal, the information is excellent, and the magazines are beautifully put together. I like that each issue focuses on one animal, it makes the final product very cohesive. I highly recommend this magazine." --- Debra

"My son Sam (4) absolutely LOVES his Zootles magazines. He keeps them in his nightstand drawer and reads them every night. He gets so excited when I show him each new issue that arrives in the mail. The magazine has the ability to cover exotic animals and faraway places, while at the same time, making it easy to tie it all in at home with the preschool material that can be found throughout each issue. As a teacher, I love that."
--- Patty, Texas

"My 3-year-old daughter Ruby and I love snuggling up to read Zoobies. She loves counting the animals and pretending we're an animal family. She "reads" each issue over and over again. Her first-grade older brother loves reading them with her, too, and often shares his animal expertise." --- Alisa, Illinois

Zoobooks is the proud winner of the Parents' Choice gold award 8 years in a row!



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