Zootles Hardcover Great Apes

Great Apes Hardback
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Enjoy the best wildlife writing for preschoolers with this Zootles book!

Young children will explore the wild world of the great apes in this book. They’ll learn about gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, and orangutans, then discover how monkeys differ from apes.

Do you know how a gorilla builds a nest? Learn how in “Kimo Builds a Night Nest,” a charming story about a young gorilla and his family. Discover what scientist Jane Goodall observed about chimpanzees.

The number explored in the book is 4, and the letter/sound is Aa.

Enjoy all our Zootles books. The books help preschoolers develop vital pre-reading and reading skills, plus you can explore nature and science while you cuddle up and read together!

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Zootles Hardcover Great Apes

Great Apes Hardback
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