<i>Ranger Rick Critters Up Close Book Club </i> for ages 0-3
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Ranger Rick Critters Up Close Book Club for ages 0-3
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Zoobies Critters Up Close Book Club Features:
  • Join Now - Get 2 Board Books for the Price of 1 
  • Each board book introduces a new animal with wonderful wildlife photography, charming illustrations and fancifully conveyed animal facts.
  • Early learning fun with hugs, giggles, oohs and aahs.
  • Perfect for story time, lap time, bedtime, anytime reading.
  • 2 new books every 4 weeks between Zoobies
  • With your Zoobies subscription get wild learning fun every month all year long.
  • Each board book doubles as a counting book.
  • Toddler tough board book format with 12 pages per book.

Offer Details:
Join the Zoobies Critters Up Close Book Club now for just $6.95, plus FREE shipping and handling! You’ll also receive a second board book FREE. We’ll continue to send 2 more books about every four weeks for just $13.90, plus $2.45 shipping and handling, conveniently charged to your credit card.

There is no minimum number of books to buy, and you are free to cancel at any time. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

When kids complete all the Zoobies Critters Up Close books, we begin shipping Zootles Story Time books, and then after that, the next level up, Zoobooks Adventures, for more experienced wildlife learners. If you feel like your child is ready for more challenge sooner, just give us a call to step up a level.

Your first shipment will arrive within 3 weeks.

All payments are in US dollars. Applicable sales tax will be added. For your convenience, your credit card will be billed with each shipment.

Wild Learning Fun:
Zoobies Critters Up Close Book Club puts the animal kingdom into your young nature lover's hands—combining beautiful photos and illustrations with delightful stories.

Share the love of animals with your young child as you cuddle up and read these engaging stories. Each board book is sturdy, durable, and sized just right for little hands.

Zoobies Critters Up Close Book Club is full of animal fun for little ones! It's written and sized just right to be shared with infants and toddlers.
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